3 Best Extension Ladders

Extension ladders

Extension ladders are like simple ladders but with slightly advanced feature that makes a huge difference in its versatility. These ladders come with the ability to adjust length. The formation of this ladder is like two ladders overlapped to each other but they can be unfolded, therefore upon sliding the second ladder, it provides more length almost up to the length of first ladder. This is a common household item. Usually, these types of ladders are extremely durable and can survive even when being used rough. An extension ladder has many advantages for e.g. it is portable, mostly inexpensive, gives support in many daily routine tasks and provides the elevation as per the need of the user. There are many manufacturers and many models of an extension ladder, so I will show you top three extension ladders which are commonly used in most houses.

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1.Werner D6228-2 28 ft Type IA Fiberglass D-Rung Extension Ladder

The special quality of this ladder is the height or length of it. It has massive height as one ladder should have. It is perfect for the upside of a house or this is perfect to reach an attic. After extending this ladder, it becomes so long that it can easily get anyone from the roof of a 2 floor house. It is made up of fiberglass which is safer around electric wires and power lines; it is safer to use this material rather than aluminum. This ladder is also extremely strong and can manage to hold huge pressure and force, for e.g. in a survey it was proven that this ladder can withhold up to 300 pounds. This strong ladder is also very durable and can easily withhold harsh climates and storms. If you want to buy this ladder it is readily available at home depot and similar markets. The only disadvantage of this ladder is that it can be quite difficult to take it home due to its size.

2.Louisville FE3228 28 ft Fiberglass Multi-section Extension Ladder

This is another perfect extension ladder. It has all the fine qualities of the Werner ladder like it is extremely strong and can manage to hold the same weight as Werner ladder. The durability is also high as it manages to stay scratch-less in harsh climatic conditions and rough usage. It provides good elevation, however, it is not larger than Werner but the height is not an issue as it offers the basic needs. This is cheaper than Werner but not easily available in the market which is a setback.

3.DeWalt DXL3020 16-Ft. Extension Ladder

This ladder stands out due to its elegant design and color. Apart from that it has all the fine qualities of aforementioned ladders and has the same weight sustainability limit. This extension ladder has additional features like it comes with a rope, it has rungs that have end caps, this ladder has a nice designed top with hardware tray to put in tool. The only disadvantage is that this is quite heavy, therefore, it is not easy to move around.